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and sad day in moncoal, west virginia, where at least 25 coal miners lost their lives after a massive underground explosion. four miners are still missing, but rescuers were forced to call off the search for those miners temporarily this morning because of high levels of methane gas. inside studio 1a in new york, i'm matt lauer, along with al roker and msnbc's tamron hall. natalie is on assignment. >> as we've been reporting, this is the worst coal mining disaster in a quarter century. the blast occurred 3:00 local time, but safety officials say the mine has a history of violations for not properly ventilating methane gas which of course as we all know is highly combustible. >> there are, however, air-tight chambers inside the mine stocked with food, water and enough oxygen for trapped workers to survive for up to four days. meantime, president obama is offering his condolences and any federal help that west virginia may need to deal with this disaster. >>> let's get a little more on the situation now from nbc's ron mott in naoma, west virginia near the site of the accident. ron, good
explosion in west virginia. four miners are still missing, but because of dangerous levels of toxic gas, rescuers have been forced to temporary halt the search. all family members can do is wait and pray "today," tuesday, april 6th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning, i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm matt lauer. >>> it is devastating and a frustrationing situation down in west virginia where rescue workers have now been forced to suspend their search for four missing miners due to high levels of methane gas. at least 25 people are now confirmed dead due to monday's explosion in what is now this country's deadliest mining disaster in a quarter century. officials are hoping the four men were able to reach one of several air-tight safety chambers where there is food, water and enough oxygen to survive for four days. >> at this point the cause of the explosion which happened 3:00 local time monday afternoon is still unknown but mine something a very dangerous profession and there have been deaths at this particular mine in the past.
>>> good morning. breaking news. they're in. rescue crews have entered that west virginia coal mine to resume their search for four missing miners and it could be just hours before we know what happened to them. we're live at the scene. >>> air scare. a major security incident on a united airlines flight from washington to denver. fighter jets scrambled, other airlines alerted of a possible terror attack. turns out it was all apparently caused by a passenger smoking in the bathroom. >>> and one big step. president obama and his russian counterpart sign a landmark treaty overnight to slash both countries' nuclear arsenal. a key move toward the president's goal of ridding the world of nuclear weapons "today," thursday, april 8th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm matt lauer. this morning there has been a major break-through at that west virginia coal mine where at least 25 workers were killed in monday's explosion. >> that's right. after spending more than a day drilling ventilation hole
that west virginia mine where 25 workers died so the search can begin again for those four missing miners. the sister of one of those missing speaks out in a live terview this morning. >>> how did she know? new evidence including secret jailhouse letters in the casey anthony case. prosecutors say it shows the florida mother knew specific details of her 2-year-old daughter's murder before police told her about them. >>> and royal wedding? is prince william finally set to announce his long-awaited engagement to girlfriend kate middleton? speculation sweeping in from across the atlantic "today," wednesday, april 7th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm meredith vieira. >>> the frantic round-the-clock work in west virginia has not stopped. crews try desperately to reach those four missing miners that's been more than a day and a half after monday's explosion that killed 125 others. >> right now teams are working as fast as they can. we understand they completed one of those ventilation hole
is inside standing in for ann. >>> coming up this half-hour, much more from west virginia. as you know now, rescuers have gotten into that mine after toxic gas levels have diminished. they are looking for those four missing miners after that explosion earlier in the week. we're going to have the latest from the scene and we'll have an interview for you in this half-hour with a man and his wife. this is a miner who escaped injury in that explosion. however, we should tell you he lost his son, his brother, and his nephew in that disaster. it is a very emotional interview. we'll be playing it for you in a couple of minutes. >> our thoughts and prayers are with those people there. >>> also, tiger woods makes it officials today at the masters, teeing off for the first competitive golf tournament since the sex scandal broke in november. there's also a lot of buzz around -- i know you've both seen this new nike ad, a stoic picture of tiger with his late father, earl's voice, in the background. people talking about whether fans will like this ad or whether it is in bad taste. >> donny deutsch call
of the district, and towards the northern neck of virginia. this is light rain, and so you folks seeing a little drizzle out there and that will move off to the east in the next couple hours, so you will see improvement throughout the mid morning hours. and then hagerstown, 54. and still low 60s at national airport and pointing southward. we will hold the temperatures in the low to mid-60s for the highs today. skies will be partly sunny, and the clouds will hang around for a while. the breeze will be up to 20 miles per hour, and similar conditions expected for tomorrow. aaron? >> thank you, justin. >>> more local news here in 25 minutes. back to new york. >>> and we're back on this saturday morning, the 17th day of april, 2010. it's been a wet, cool morning here in new york city, but we think everyone who has come out on to the plaza in spite of some of the weather, back inside studio 1a, i'm amy robach along with lester holt. and coming up on "today" the natural infidelity. >> is it cheating to lie about the way you spend your money? well, to your spouse. experts say keeping secrets about money
virginia for that memorial service for those dead west virginia miners, police started questioning and secret service started questioning a man by the name of joseph sean mcvey. he was sitting in his car and when he got out of the car, he was listening to radio scanners on a transistor radio and had a sidearm on him. he said he wanted to meet the president, wanted to speak to him. they decided after questioning him to arrest him since he was armed and was in a police car. his driver's license turned out to be invalid, his ohio driver's license. and also in the car, they found formulas for a rifle scope, which are used to measure distances. he makes his first court appearance today in north carolina and he is being held on $100,000 bond. secret service and other law enforcement officials say the president was never in danger and these things do happen sometimes where you have some suspect, unsavory individuals hanging around where the president is going, but they say he was not in danger. natalie? >> chuck todd for us at the white house. thank you, chuck. after leaving asheville, th
in virginia were handling packages recently when one of the boxes started moving. well, inside they found that little guy. a live ferret apparently being mailed to puerto rico. >> that's not right. >> totally not right! unable to find the observer or the intended recipient, stamp, as they call him now, has a new home in virginia. >> tried to mail a live animal? >> i know. don't even -- can't even imagine. he's good, he's got a home. he's happy and being fed and has lots of friends. >> happy that that turned out okay. how about a check of the weather? >>> all right. as we've been talking about, we've got this risk of strong storms. low pressure area back through the rockies, a trailing cold front. we have a triple point where the occluded front, a cold front and a warm front come together. on into arkansas. it continues tonight where there is a very strong risk of strong storms and tornadoes in parts of louisiana and mississippi and continues on into tomorrow where we've got a pretty wide area for most of mississippi, alabama, on into tennessee and parts of west virginia. we are looking at
underground explosion in west virginia on monday. explosive gas and smoke has now stopped the rescuers, forced rescuers to stop their search again and this is as families have been holding out hope. we'll have a live report on the story that is so heartbreaking coming up in a moment. >> truly. >>> also ahead -- he's back. tiger woods returned to golf on thursday for the first time since that thanksgiving night accident that led to revelations that he'd been cheating on his wife and the golf superstar did not miss a beat. it was his best opening round at the masters ever. we'll have much more on his return in a moment. apparently the fans loved him. huge amount of people following him in the gallery. there were a couple of incidents that we'll talk about, banners that were -- fly-by banners in the sky. but he did great. >> see if he holds on. >>> also if you think your home is your castle, you've come to the right place. coming up, we have some houses to show you on market right now that are fit for royalty. barbara corcoran has found some real beauties from oregon to georgia. >> can we afford
in west virginia, the worst coal mining disaster in the u.s. in 40 years, a hearing will be held. >>> this morning president obama meets with members with a group of ways to look to reduce the federal deficit. he hopes to forge a bipartisan consensus on ways to improve america's fiscal health. >>> a federal appeals court has ruled a class action lawsuit against walmart can go forward. the lawsuit covers more than 1 million employees and accuses the company of discriminating in the way it pays female workers. >>> overseas markets are mostly lower this morning. cnbc's trish regan is at the new york stock exchange. what's the focus today? >> well, comes right back to goldman sachs. every eye on the street is going to be on this investment bank today watching these hearings. it is not just goldman that's in focus here but the entire financial sector. we'll have to watch those stocks very carefully. the concern right here on wall street is if we do start to see significant financial reform -- and there is political pressure mounting to that -- no doubt, what will that mean for bank ea
>>> good morning, breaking news, the painful wait for word on the miners in west virginia is finally over this morning. >> we did not receive the miracle we prayed for. >> we'll have the latest overnight developments coming up. >>> and disaster. a jet liner carrying 96 people crashes while trying to land in thick fog, kills everyone on board, including the president of poland. >>> adoption nightmare. why would an adoptive parent here in this country send a little boy halfway around the here in this country send a little boy halfway around the world all by himself? captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on this saturday morning, april 10. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> you've been gone a lot. >> i have been following this major story, i think we all were holding out hope that we're going to get a miracle. the search and the hopes coming to an end this morning. all 29 coal miners trapped in that huge explosion have now been confirmed dead making it the country's worst mining accident in 40 years. we'll get the latest f
virginia, travel lanes are open, but sunshine delays. >> we know you are waking up earlier and we are too. you can join us at a new start time at >>> 7:30 now on a thursday morning, the 15th of april, 2010. a beautiful morning here in the northeast on what is traditionally not such a beautiful morning for a lot of people across the country -- tax day. if you're going to file those tax returns, that should be a little bit nerve-racking and cumbersome for a lot of people. we'll go outside and say hello to these people on the plaza in a while. >>> inside studio 1a, i'm matt lauer, alongside meredith vieira. >>> fans are posting parts of whitney houston's performance online. take a look. ♪ >> obviously not the sound people have come to expect from the six-time grammy winner. so what went wrong? we'll have more on that coming up. >>> plus, they say all good things must come to an end. that appears to be the case for these low mortgage rates we've been seeing over the past couple of years. so what if you have an adjustable rate mortgage, what if you're looking to buy a home in the near future
>>> good morning. breaking news. another major setback at that west virginia mine. a fire has forced rescue teams to pull back again. we are live at the scene. >>> murder in paradise. a producer of the hit reality show "survivor" questioned and released overnight over his wife's brutal murder in cancun, mexico. why aren't police letting him leave the country? >>> and tiger roars again. tiger woods achieves a personal best opening round at the masters and is just two shots off the lead. but what did he think of those planes circling above with messages about his scandal? what he has to say about that, "today," friday, april 9th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> welcome to "today" on this friday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm ann curry in for matt this morning. >>> there's been devastating news this morning for those families of those four missing miners because rescue workers on their second attempt to get to those missing miners were forced to leave because of a smoke from a fire inside the mine. >> before they did leave they check one more rescue
and there is a risk, however, of more severe weather there today. >>> and when a virginia woman made a $425 deposit to her bank account this week she was shocked to learn that the bank teller entered her 10-digit account number as the amount she was depositing. the bank has since fixed the $40 million mistake. just for a few moments she was a millionaire. 7:11. back to matt, meredith and al. >> ann, thank you very much. >>> mr. >> that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. >>> if airline passengers like it or not, we've grown accustomed to it but passengers now pay $3 to $9 for a mid-flight treat. $15 on air tran for a checked bag. $25 for a second checked bag on alaska air. if you want to snuggle up with a pillow on american, that will cost $8. but when spirit airlines announced its plan to charge up to $45 for carry-on bags, a lot of travelers were outraged and are now saying enough is enough. ben baldanza is spirit's president and ceo, he joins us exclusively with new york senator chuck schumer who is leading the charge against the fee. gentlemen, good morning to both of you.
the virginia gold cup races on saturday. should be good weather for that here. we are starting off cool and fresh with sunshine and near 50 in washington. 40s in the suburbs and rural areas. highs should be near 80 and partly cloudy into the mid 80s and warm and humid on sunday. we could get thunderstorms and a slight risk that could be severe sunday late afternoon and evening. lingering showers drying out >> suddenly the favorite is looking like devil may care. how fitting. i can now throw to meredith. >> al, thank you very much. >>> now to florida and the bombshell dropped by governor charlie crist. on thursday the life-long republican announced he's leaving the gop to run independently for the u.s. senate. his decision comes just months after being ripped by fellow conservatives over an embrace with president obama and effectively makes former florida house speaker marco rubio the republican nominee. first we are joined exclusively by governor crist. governor, good morning to you. >> good morning, meredith. >> great to be with you. explain this to me. a few weeks ago you put out a st
of 29 miners in west virginia, the worst coal mining disaster in the u.s. in 40 years. >>> arizona's tough new immigration law sparked more backlash on monday including new protests and calls for boycotting the state. the law directs police to question people about their immigration status if there is any reason to suspect they may be in the u.s. illegally. mexico's president has also weighed in warning that the law could harm u.s.-mexican relations. >>> a federal appeals court has ruled a class action lawsuit against walmart will be allowed to go forward covering more than 1 million employees that accuse the company of discriminating in the way it pays female workers. >>> police in cancun, mexico are signaling they may be closing in on the arrest in a high-profile murder case. nbc's miguel almaguer is in cancun with more on this story. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. closure won't come to the victim's family until this case is resolved, but they're now one step closer. the sisters arrived at the state attorney general's office in cancun monday leaving with the nec
over to the news desk for another check of the headlines. >> we begin in virginia where 11 suspected somali pirates have been indicted. they're indicted for a -- the suspects were held on a military ship until thursday when they were flown to virginia to appear in federal court. >>> in utah a convicted murder has chosen to be put to death by firing squad instead of lethal injection. ronnie gardner has been on death row for 30 years. utah is the only one that offers the firing squad option. the judge accepted his choice and the execution is set for june. >>> doctors in barcelona, spain say they have performed the first ever face transplant in the world. they released the mri image of what the face looked like before the transplant. the surgery lasted a full 24 hours and 30 doctors took part in the operation. >>> sarah palin was in court friday, the former alaska governor testified in the trial of a college student accused of breaking into her e-mail account back in 2008. personal information in that account then wound up all over the internet. david kernell is charged in several accou
and jenna, good morning, everyone. >>> we begin in west virginia, where they're retrieving the bodies of the miners. funerals were held for the miners that died in tragedy. a team of federal investigators will arrive at the scene tomorrow. >>> police in oklahoma are looking for three people this morning in connection with a gun fight in the middle of a crowded mall. when it was all over one person was dead and several others injured. police say it's unclear if the teenager killed was involved in the shooting or just an innocent bystander. >>> rescuers in washington have found a missing hiker alive. he was buried under an avalanche in granite mountain for four hours. the man called for help on his cell phone. doctors say he'll be okay. >>> the reality tv producer suspected in his wife's murder in cancun could face charges later today. mexico's attorney general says a decision on whether to file charges could come at any moment. bruce behresford-redmond has been ordered to stay in the country in the meantime. his wife monica was found dead in a sewer near a hotel where they were staying
inside. >>> good morning, everyone. officials in west virginia say the bodies of all 29 miners killed last week have now been recovered. the last nine were removed from the mines this morning. the recovery now allows investigators to go inside to try to find out what set off the explosion leading to the worst u.s. coal mining disaster since 1970. >>> president obama's hailing progress made at the two-day nuclear summit that wraps up today in washington. china agreed to join talks on possible sanctions against iran and ukraine said it would rid itself of nuclear material left over from the soviet era. leaders from 47 nations are pledging to work together to keep terrorists from acquiring nuclear weapons. >>> the bodies of poland's first lady and president now lie in state at the presidential palace in warsaw. a plane crash saturday killed dozens of prominent polish officials. a funeral is planned for this weekend for the presidential couple. russian investigators have ruled out mechanical failure as the cause of the crash. >>> 20 people were injured this morning when their plane skidde
's explosion that killed 29 miners in west virginia in the wake of that tragedy, west virginia governor joe manchin has ordered the immediate inspection of all underground coal mines in his state. >>> toyota says it is carrying out safety tests on all of its models of suvs. the move comes after "consumer reports" issued a "don't buy" warning for the 2010 lexus gx-460 due to the risk of a rollover. >>> 11-year-old nadia bloom is still recovering this morning after being lost in a florida swamp for more than four days. wednesday her parents spoke out for the first time since that dramatic rescue. nbc's mark potter reports. >> i firmly believe in god. >> reporter: jeff and tanya bloom are overjoyed and relieved now that their 11-year-old daughter nadia is once again safe. after wandering off into the woods near her winter springs home last friday, nadia spent four nights there, lost and alone, until she was rescued tuesday. for her parents, the waiting was horrible. >> one of the darkest times you feel is right before nightfall when your girl is out there and night's coming. you don't know if
, thank you. >>> officials in west virginia say the bodies of all 29 miners killed last week has now been recovered. the last nine were removed from the mines this morning. investigators are trying to find out what set off that explosion leading to the worst u.s. coal mining disaster since 1970. >>> at least three people are dead in a crash of a navy plane monday in northern georgia igniting a fire in the dense woods where it went down. >>> about 20 people were injured this morning when their plane skidded off the end of a runway in indonesia in heavy rain. the plane broke in half. part of it landing in a river. >>> in maryland, one police officer has been suspended after a beating of a university of maryland student was caught on tape. originally two students were charged with assaulting police, those charges have been dropped and the prince george's county police chief says he is outraged at the officers' conduct. >>> a florida deputy has been reprimanded after he was caught on tape tasering a female deputy. he admitted it was a bad joke and was ordered to retake taser training. >>> jay
29 miners in west virginia. sunday's effort to recover all the bodies had to be halted because of high gas readings yet again in the mine. >>> dramatic rescue sunday in northern california after a car flipped into a creek. a woman who was swept away was later pulled out, but another person died and a third is believed to be missing. >>> as you heard it, phil mickleson this morning, celebrating his third title of the masters, a tournament that also saw tiger woods returning to golf after five months. peter alexander is in augusta, georgia. what a tournament. >> reporter: natalie, good morning to you. they're going to be talking about the tournament for a long time. tiger woods said he was coming viously, that didn't happen.ta the champion may be the game's true family man. it was the green jacket tiger woods hoped he would be wearing. instead, crowd favorite phil mickleson was the one celebrating his third masters championship. woods was erratic on the course during sunday's final round. there were glimpses of brilliant but the world's top golfer mostly seemed defeated. >> it wa
in the rural areas of mareland, virginia and west virginia and the eastern shore. a live picture shows bright sun piercing the blue sky and pouring down on washington. it's in the low to mid 40s and we are near 40 notice and rapidly hit the mid 60s with a wind and lots of sunshine. sunny and wind and frost in the morning. >> and that's your latest weather. make sure you can get your weather any time of the day or night, do georgia go to weather cable or >>> three girls targeted in disturbing new cases about cyber bullying speak out about the growing problem. >>> but up next, the purchasing power of kids and the new campaign aimed at protecting them from advertising gimmicks. right after this. [ female announcer ] introducing new all oxi-active, for all active families. our advanced 2-in-1 power cleans tough stains like grass better than the leading oxi detergent and helps get your family's wash incredibly white and bright. try new all oxi-active. it's all good. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ - good night, honey. - and they could fix... - all better? - almost anything. - yes. - thank mom with le
at a memorial service on sunday for those 29 miners who died this month in west virginia. >>> dorothy height, a key 1960s civil rights activist, died this morning. she was the matriarch of the civil rights movement working alongside reverend martin luther king jr. and others. speaking with nbc news, she answered a question about her message for young people. >> people are struggling for jobs and freedom. we're going to have to make the laws work. >> and when that day comes? >> and when that day comes, we'll be able to say as dr. king said, we're free at last. >> dorothy height was 98 years old. >>> it is now 9:05. now let's get another check of the weather from al. >> what a tremendous lady. >>> let's show you what's going on as far as your western's concerned. jet stream band of air 20,000 feet above the earth's surface, still coming across iceland, across the atlantic and into the uk and much of europe. good news is by saturday, it takes more of a west-to-east flow, hopefully helping cut off the ash flow going into europe. rest of the country, wet weather along the west coast. sunshine in
. >>> the first wrongful death lawsuit has been filed in connection with that deadly west virginia mine explosion. the suit accuses the mine's owner massey energy of negligence. federal investigators have found more than 60 safety violations at the country's other operations since the explosion which killed 29 miners, no comment from massey. nearly one in three americans did not return their census form by friday's deadline. if you didn't send yours in, sen says workers will start knocking on doors starting may 1. >>> and finally, it's the golden rule at museums, please don't touch the art, but some museum owners have a little trouble with that because of a new exhibit featuring live, nude models. it turns out some of the models are getting groped. anyone who touches a performer will be kicked out a little ext extra blush for me this morning. >> nbc meteorologist former nude model bill karins here with a look at the weather. >> don't go google searching that. >>> let's check what's going on with the weather this morning. the afternoon temperatures are trying to tell the story, we're very mild in
. >>> let's get a check of the weather now from >>> the virginia gold cup is here on saturday. looks like good weather for that and a slight chance of a thundershower. for thursday morning, bright and sunny and our live view is chilly and temperatures getting above freezing where we had scattered frost into the low and mid 40s around washington and the bay. ootsds near 40 further to the west. high near 70 with lots of sun and warmer tomorrow, saturday, and sunday and greater chance of afternoon and evening >> don't forget, check your weather all day long, weather channel on cable, online. matt? >> al, thank you very much. >>> up next, ann spends the night on a nuclear submarine as women sailors get ready to serve on those subs for the very first time. that's right after this. - i'm right here. and i always will be. male announcer: this mother's day, surround her with the strength of love's embrace from kay jewelers. one more reason kay is the number one jewelry store in america. would we eat better? [ rewinding ] at hellmann's, we search for the best sources to make our mayonn
, is the duke blue devils. they ran away with a 21-point blowout win over west virginia. the championship game is tomorrow night. my bracket, looking pretty decent over now. i have kansas over kentucky in the finals. >> awesome! >> butler's like, this is easy. all we have to do is beat duke and we should be set. >> what a homecoming cinderella story. >> you love that. the underdog. yes, yes. >> janice huff is here with a check of the weather. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great, jenna. a big crowd on the plaza. it's a little on the cool side. a nice, lively crowd in town for the weekend. let's check on the weather and see what's happening. we have a big storm on the west coast. it's nice in the east. that storm will bring rain and heavy snow from seattle all of the way down to the sierra, expecting two feet of snow in the sierra over the next 24 hours and plenty of rain for san francisco, l.a., portland and seattle. in the meantime we have severe weather that will break out along parts of missouri today into st. louis and also portions of centra illinois. in the northwest it's storm, but ini
jersey and west virginia -- if you were a victim of a flood, if you're in a federal disaster area, declared so by the president, your county may be able to give you some tax relief. that means you may not have to pay your taxes until may 11th. you may get that automatic extension. the irs already knows automatically who those folks are. it also is an extension to pay your tax if you owe it and an extension to actually contribute to your i.r.a. for it to count for 2009. that's good to know as well. >> david, people are getting ready to seal the envelope up. before they do, are there tax credits? >> there are some new ones this year. go to they're on the front of their website. one is the environmental credit. called the go green credit. if you've done any home improvements to your house that are environmentally friendly, there is a $1,500 tax credit for that this year and there is a tax credit for college class, called the american opportunities credit. up to $2,500. that's for parents who have been paying for college costs. all of that information is on great res
they charge for baggage. >> we'll get to that later. >>> in the news this morning, west virginia's governor says he's still hopeful four miners missing since monday's explosion can be rescued. that explosion killed 25 others. governor joe manchin said that drilling crews completed one ventilation hole this morning but when rescuers then banged on the pipe, they got no response from underground. rescuers hope to re-enter the mind today once toxic and explosive gases are vented. >>> president obama leaves today for the czech republic and the signing of a nuclear treaty with russia that commits the two countries to slash the nuclear arsenals by almost one-third. >>> meantime, iran's president today ridiculed president obama and the revised u.s. nuclear policy but singles out iran and north korea as outlaw states. mahmoud ahmadinejad derided the president as a newcomer and says american politicians beaten by logic put their finger on the trigger "like a cowboy." >>> three months after haiti's devastating earthquake, a miracle of science, perseverance and faith to report. this week a baby known
. it is a chilly april start. 35 in martinsburg, west virginia. 47 in annapolis. dense fog becomes mostly sunny at noon time and highs in the upper 50s and low 60 >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. >>> president obama has wrapped up his successful nuclear security summit. two days of high-level diplomatic meetings that seemed to have quieted some of the president's critics. one of those critics is with us this morning, dick morris, a veteran political strategist and author of the new book, "2010 take back america a battle plan." hi, dick, it is nice to see you. good morning. >> i'm not silenced. >> he brings together 47 leaders of these nations in washington. they get together, he says it's the number one threat facing u.s. national security, the idea that nuclear weapons could fall into the hands of terrorists. is there something wrong with this strategy? >> yeah. we point it out in our book. the nation that is most likely to put nukes in the hands of terrorists is iran. when they acquire it. and the united states, both under bush and obama, has been totally i
spoke at a memorial service sunday for the 29 miners killed in west virginia earlier this month. he told their families that the u.s. will honor their memories by making mines safer. >>> this could be a critical day for crews trying to shut off a leaking oil well off the coast of louisiana. if they cannot close emergency valves using underwater robots, they'll have to drill a second relief well, which could take weeks. up to 42,000 gallons of oil a day are leaking from a site where a oil rig platform exploded over the week. >>> "how to train your dragon" took first place over the weekend taking in $15 million. "the back-up plan" came in second and "date night" came in third. >>> players of the alpine girls' softball association set a world record for the youth softball game, 142 players, 190 innings, and that's two sleepless nights. the final score, 291-272. good for them. now five minutes past the hour. let's go back outside to matt, ann and al. >> they're not watching this morning, because they're sleeping. >> no, they're sleeping in. >> hey, can we all say -- let's say ho otemogen. >>
good things. >>> on a sad note, it's the third anniversary of the virginia tech massacre. >> it's my alma mater. they're doing a lot today. they're going -- they have a 3.2-mile run to honor the 32 victims, they have a vigil today. it's a terrific school. >> we were talking about it this morning, how long do they think they'll be doing this, and we talked about when something like that happens in your own community, whether it's column bias in colorado or this massacre in virginia tech, the rest of us tend to move on. we mourn and discuss how awful it is, and then something else takes place, like larry king. but for that community, on a yearly basis they'll take time to do it. >> on my facebook page and twitter page, a lot of people from virginia tech said, don't forget us. sometimes, even when you lose a loved one, it's weird. you can't believe the world hasn't stopped. >> i still feel that way about my daddy. i know you do, too. >> this is a very strange moment. larry king and shawn, his wife, said they were going to be divorced. >> they both filed at the same time. >> yesterday th
coming in and middle river with heavy delays. we have the water main break and virginia avenue and olney road in the city. 18 miles per hour indicated by the speed sensor on the west side. 26 on the north side, but prior to that from bellaire to providence, very heavy. let's see what is going on with a drive times. 30 minutes, your drive time on the northeast side. 13 on the inner loop. travel from 795 to the j f x. ritchie highway westbound 50, an accident there and ritchie highway. backing up traffic heavily. 295 at 32 much better now that the accident is gone. tony has a check on the forecast. >> good morning, everyone. things are pretty quiet in the with the department. chile this morning, so you might want to bring a light jacket or a sweater. 37 in gaithersburg, 42 in columbia, 41 at the airport, 47 degrees in edgewood. this afternoon we are going to make it into the low 70's. it will be a nice one. out back in 25 minutes with another live update. >>> 8:00 now on this thursday morning, it is tax day, april 15th, 2010. we don't seem to have a very worried bunch here in rockefeller p
. where's that? >> east shore of virginia. >> they look about the color of blue crabs. let's check your weather, see what's happening. our pick city of the today, nbc 25 -- flint, michigan. they'll reach the upper 50s. look at those afternoon temperatures, 40s and 50s in new england. we've got 80s down -- and 90s down in southern texas. 40s and 30s through the sierras and the plains. slight risk of strong storms through the mid mississippi river valley. wet weather, rain and snow in part of the cascades. beautiful along the eastern seaboard. got the folks from the leo choir >> it is a chilly start for us again today. we are going to warm up quickly into the afternoon. mostly sunny skies, high mostly sunny skies, high >> >> that's your latest weather. >>> when we come back, is hollywood frowning on actors who have had too much in the way of plastic surgery? we'll talk about that right after this. chevy malibu stands behind theirs for up to 100,000 miles. which makes it pretty clear whose standing out front. a consumers digest "best buy" two years running. chevy malibu. compare it to anyo
to columbus, down to virginia -- i should say, alexandria, louisiana. we've got the risk of strong storms. flood watches from little rock to louisville. we are talking about rainfall amounts of anywhere from five to seven inches of rain. so a very muddy track tomorrow, donna. >> i'm not very happy with you right now, al. >> for so f >> the sun is out and the storms are way to the west. we have great weather today. a lot of sunshine to warmer temperatures, low 80s. >> for those of you who missed it, take a look. this is again what we were talking about. donna -- really, has years of experience. okay. wow. come on over, donna. >> well! that was nice action for the cameras! that wasn't supposed to go that way. i'll tell you more about how it really goes. >> ann and meredith were horrified. but you barry hit the ground. were you up on your feet like that. >> well, my mother was a jockey. the thing that she used to always say, if you're going to ride horses, you're going to fall. you get used to it after a while. >> guys, how amazing were her reflexes? >> she's amazing. but i don't think she w
had record highs, check out charleston, west virginia, you were 91 degrees yesterday. people were walking around in flip-flops and shortstops. 87 in syracuse, even burlington, vermont was up near 80 degrees. even down into the north carolina air, year going to see temperatures in the 80s. yesterday chicago and the great lakes you were in the 80s, today you're back where you should beo >> good morning. cool temperatures this morning. there is a storm out west. it is a long way away. it is mostly >>> we'll have your easter forecast coming up a little later. >>> this is of course the day before easter, holy saturday. and at the vatican, there has been an unusual and provocative defense of the pope in the growing sexual abuse scandal. nbc's anne thompson is in rome this morning with more. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy t vatican finds itself under growing criticism and this time it's coming from other religious leaders, the archbishop -- and st. peaint peter's basilica las night. pope benedict leading the way of the cross. the event at the heart of christianity. je
and virginia. the fog will break up in the next couple of hours and we will get the sun back. partly cloudy and near 70 tomorrow. into saturday and sunday, looks like rain. how is the traffic? >> heavy and slow and visibility not bad. backed up across the 14th street bridge, but travel lanes are open. foggy in several stretches as you hit southbound to frederick, extra travel time would be a good idea. joe? >> news 4 today begins even earlier. get the headlines and traffic at 4:30 a.m. >>> 7:30 now on a thursday morning, it is the 22nd of april, 2010. it's earth day. 40th anniversary of earth day if fact. got a nice crowd marking the occasion out in rockefeller plaza. we'll say hi to them in just a couple of minutes. >>> inside studio 1a, i'm matt lauer, along with meredith vieira. >>> in this half-hour we've got an exclusive live interview with michael jackson's older sister, rebbie jackson. she's here to talk about her brother's legacy and how his children are doing. she's also, by the way, about to perform for the first time since her brother's death. we'll talk to rebbie about a lot of
in the low 50s around town, but plenty of mid 40s on the map across northern virginia up to the panhandle of west virginia. sunny and toasty warm and a bay breeze keeping things cooler territ >> that's your good friday forecast. matt? >> bill, thank you very much. >>> as we showed you a little earlier, president obama made a surprise visit to the flooded northeast on thursday. he's logged a lot of miles this past week to outline his ideas on everything from afghanistan to health care to jobs. he's hitting the road again this morning. nbc's savannah guthe's at the white house. savannah, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. the president is traveling today to charlotte, north carolina to talk about jobs and the economy. on thursday it was health care. once again, that was the main event. >> i love you back! >> reporter: on thursday, the president took a health care victory lap in portland, maine where he laughed off suggestions that his greatest legislative triumph hasn't yet helped him in the polls. >> can you imagine if some of these reporters were working on a farm? you'
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